Acetaie Acetaia Malagoli Daniele

Acetaia Malagoli Daniele

The hobby of a father and the passion of his eldest daughter who, in parallel with his university studies, "sees the vinegar" in her future. Now Taisia, having finished her studies, has joined the care of the old family vinegar factory and is acquiring, together with renewed passion, also the necessary sensitivity and skills to manage her. Daniele Malagoli, Civil Engineer, has cultivated a passion for the culture of his land since he was a child, which inevitably passes it on to his daughters. Sofia, who follows in her father's footsteps and studies Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Bologna, at the end of the first year of University and in parallel with her studies, decides to try to give new life to that Acetaia that until then was only known by the few and close friends of the family. Sofia, who follows the commercial aspects, has in fact carried out numerous promotional initiatives, including tourist hospitality and events in the Acetaia, but also conceived and created new products: Sofia Luxury Chocolates and Lucilla Anti Aging Facial Cream. Both characterized by the presence of authentic Traditional Balsamic Vinegar, they stand out as uniqueness signed Made in Modena.

Via Celeste 9, 41013 Castelfranco Emilia (MO)
+39 338 2640322
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Sofia Malagoli
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