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La Lucciola

"La Lanterna di Diogene" is a social cooperative born from the dreams of some people to respond to the desire that everyone express when they have to face the world of work: to do a job that you like, that gives satisfaction, done together with people with whom you is fine.
We wanted to build a business where people with problems (down syndrome, psychosis, infantile cerebral palsy) could also work, where the work was built together trying to meet the interests of the collaborators.

So we started thinking about what we liked to do: cultivate the land, raise animals and turn all this into dishes to offer to customers in a tavern. In 2003 the cooperative was born, a farm with animal breeding (chickens, pigs, sheep, goats) and the cultivation of vegetables and fruit trees, a Trebbiano vineyard for the production of traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena. Learning from tradition, our boys also follow the vinegar factory with care and patience. In 2006 he inaugurated the tavern where everything that the land gives us is transformed into dishes to offer to the customers, our cuisine is the typical Emilian one, simple and genuine, with forgotten flavors, a place linked to traditions and exchange where to meet the diversity. The products that do not come from our company are selected from neighboring farmers who passionately produce while safeguarding the territory.

Via Giliberti 1013, 41017 Stuffione di Ravarino (MO)
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Cuocci Dott. Giovanni
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059 801101 - 328 7236256
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