Recipes Modenese White Cow Tartare

Modenese White Cow Tartare

Chef Francesco Ricciardi e Chef Fabio Minelli

“Officina della Senape” restaurant, Modena

“Il Balsamico, Oro Nero di Modena”, Artioli 1899


Chop finely with a knife a fair amount of sirloin of White Modena and season it with salt and extra-virgin olive oil. Prepare the Parmesan sauce heating the cream at 80° C and adding the grated parmesan cheese 24 months; stir slowly to obtain a smooth emulsion. To prepare the Parmesan air: boil in a pot for 20 minutes the Parmesan crusts, filter them and let them cool. After that, whip with an immersion blender adding some soy lecithin to get the perfect texture and try to incorporate as much air as possible. For the plating: prepare a base of nectarines chopped in cubes, place the meat on them and above it the Parmesan air with the Parmesan sauce as decoration. Finally, add some drops of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO on the plate to complete the dish.