The product The 100 ml bottle

The 100 ml bottle

    • The bottle which guarantees authenticity

    • The same bottle for all producers

    • Controlled bottling

Imitations have always made the task of identifying genuine Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar P.D.O. problematic. In 1987, in a bid to overcome this problem, Modena Chamber of Commerce commissioned Giorgetto Giugiaro, now world-famous but back then a young automobile designer, to design a new shaped bottle that would become so distinctive as to actually denote the brand.



The designer came up with a small 100 ml bottle in the shape of a spherical ampoule in solid, clear glass with a rectangular base, in a style reminiscent of the glass flasks used by tasters.

Known as “the Giugiaro bottle”, it is the only official bottle for all producers. The product must pass a series of tests carried out by a panel of expert tasters before it can obtain approval for bottling, which takes place exclusively at a bottling centre authorised by MIPAAF and subject to production chain inspections. Each bottle is closed with a special numbered seal, the only incontrovertible guarantee of authenticity and quality.