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Ancient and modern objects, together with barrels, can speak of history, tradition and family but also of the passion with which the owner manages his vinegar factory. Diplomas, awards and honors received over the years, as well as photographs of the important moments of the production phases or of important visitors contribute to fascinate the guest as well as to give pleasure to those who live in the vinegar cellar. The Consortium is aware of these aspects and makes objects that, duly personalized, can contribute to the uniqueness of the vinegar cellar

Since ever, Consorzio Tutela has been collaborating with Carmen Monotti, an artist who, in her laboratory "La fornace del Frate" in Deruta, specialized in "Historiate" ceramics, that is, recounting events and situations in an ancient style. All the pieces, as well as being personalized with the name of the vinegar cellar, are numbered, dated and signed by the artist. The tiles are made with an ancient ceramic technique and handmade, one by one, both for the support and for the decoration.


Visita Acetaia ok

This panel, about 23 x 33 cm in size, represents the visit of the Dukes of Modena to the vinegar "Acetaia", with a great working of attendants intent on one hand to cook the must, on the other to practice the Travasi. The glaze is in craquelè and the details are in third fire pure gold