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Welcome to Casa Tirelli. I am Ilaria Tirelli artisan of balsamic vinegar, third generation in the family to take care of our 714 barrels that help us to produce our precious traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena d.o.p.
To produce balsamic there are strict rules dictated by the disciplinary from which one cannot deviate. What makes each drop of balsamic vinegar unique and special is that knowledge handed down, that family secret that is passed from mother to son. Just like my grandmothers Romana and Valeria and then my mother Miriam did with my brother Daniele and with me.
Come and visit us to visit the vinegar factory and discover our art of know-how, you will taste the balsamic vinegar in its place of origin, you will see the production method and our vineyards that give rise to our grapes, you will share with us the flavors, the aromas and the family history of Casa Tirelli that create an indissoluble bond between us and the visitor who feels part of our history. We will be happy to welcome you, book an experience with us.

Via Mazzarana, 98, 41016 Novi di Modena MO
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Ilaria Tirelli
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