Acetaie Acetaia Fondo Toschina

Acetaia Fondo Toschina

The Acetaia that exclusively produces Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO is located between Carpi, Cortile and Rovereto, far from industrial pollution, in the attic of a country house, an ideal place for aging and, personally handled by Prof. Mauro Clò. Some barrels of the batteries, inherited from the mother Argentina, date back to the early 1900s, always tucked with cooked must of native grapes, especially Trebbiano di Colline. All the batteries, consisting of six barrels of different woods (mulberry, juniper, cherry, chestnut, oak, etc.) and of decreasing capacity, contain cooked grape must matured, after fermentation, by slow acetification and progressive concentration through very long aging. . The must, cooked directly on the farm in the open air, is then placed in large oak barrels (Barriques) and aged for five years before entering the battery. When visiting the vinegar cellar you will be accompanied by the Master taster of the Consorteria Mauro Clò who will take you to know the history and production methodology of ABTM as well as to let you taste the refined product with at least 12 years of aging and the extra-old with at least 25 years of aging.

Via Cavetto Gherardo 11 - 41016 Novi di Carpi (MO) Loc. Rovereto
335 295134
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Mauro Clò
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335 295134
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