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Acetaia i Sogari

The Acetaia i Sogari is a small family vinegar factory made up of two large abbesses - or mother barrels - and about forty barrels divided into six batteries: Viterbo, Rosina, Milvia, Remo, Giovanni and Tripletta.
The vinegar produced is obtained with respect for tradition, cooked must from the Modena grapes (Lambrusco and Trebbiano) aged for a long time in barrels of different woods.

The balsamic vinegar of the Viterbo battery was a finalist in the 2017 and 2019 editions of the Balsamic Carousel "Competition of the Carpi producers of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar" and in 2018 it obtained the Community of Carpi Award at the 52nd Palio di San Giovanni in Spilamberto (Mo), the most important manifestation of the Balsamic Vinegar of Tradition by the ABTM Consortium.

The vinegar factory was started in the early 90s from Viterbo and is now run by his son Remo, Master taster of the ABTM Consortium and his nephew Giovanni, professor of Gastronomic Sciences at the University of Parma.

Via Roosevelt 156- 41012 Carpi Modena
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