Acetaie Acetaia Rebecchi Giuseppe

Acetaia Rebecchi Giuseppe

In the lower Modena area, about 12 km from the capital, in the year 1970, "l'Acetaia Rebecchi" was born in the town of Bastiglia, fruit of the passion of Mr. Gian Pietro Rebecchi, who began with some modest batteries in the attic of the house and that in the over the years it has gradually developed more and more until it reaches today's complex, consisting of over 700 pots for the production and subsequent sale of one of the most famous products in our area worldwide.

Only thanks to the years, the passion for "tradition" and the rules of decanting and reinforcement that Gian Pietro, with an expert hand, has been able to give life to a wonderful vinegar factory that with its aromas coming from the "Balsamic" barrels and the one-of-a-kind objects of the past exhibited within it sends the people who attend you back over the years to savor the true joys of Traditional Vinegar of Modena.

Now his son, Rebecchi Giuseppe, continues the Tradition of Acetaia and our Territory with the same passion as the Father.

Viale Guglielmo Marconi 77 - 41030 - Bastiglia(MO)
334 - 8406887
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