Acetaie Acetaia Tardini

Acetaia Tardini

Balsamic Vinegar is one of the oldest and most rooted traditions in the Modena area. The Tardini family has taken care of and handed down for generations the art jealously guarded in the walls of the house: the ancient mansion, in which the family has lived for two hundred years, houses the first certified battery, dating back to 1850. With the succession of generations, other Batteries, following the tradition of starting a new one on the occasion of births or large family celebrations. Acetaia Tardini currently has 9 certified batteries. Each battery is bottled separately, thus offering a wide choice of flavors and aromas both to satisfy even the most demanding palates, and to accompany each dish served on the table with the most suitable vinegar, enhancing the most delicate tastes and enhancing the most demanding flavors. strong and determined. The activity is focused on the constant search for the best quality, with a limited annual production and followed directly by the members of the family, who with the passion and expertise acquired over the centuries have allowed the tradition to reach the present day, maintaining its flavor. ancient and authentic

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