Acetaie Acetaia Zanchetta

Acetaia Zanchetta

Acetaia Zanchetta is a family-run Acetaia.
The building in which it is located is a typical Emilian farmhouse from the early 1900s called Villa Panaro from the name of the river that flows nearby.
It exclusively produces ABTM DOP pursuing the highest quality with methods handed down from father to son and refined over the years.
The woods used in the batteries are local: oak, chestnut, mulberry, juniper and cherry.
With careful selection over time, barrels of various sizes have been introduced: from the mother barrels with a capacity of 220 liters to the smaller finals of a few liters.
The mathematical-geometric aspects in the formation and management of each single battery are considered in order to guarantee balance and excellence.
In addition to absolute respect for tradition, a fundamental character of every true Acetaia, great attention is paid to the most recent analytical techniques that allow accurate control of the quality of our vinegar in all phases of its long maturation and aging.
All this is summarized in a unique, complex, harmonious product, capable of marrying the characters of tradition with the needs of a modern palate.

Via Guercinesca Ovest, 27 41015 Nonantola (MO)