Acetaie Azienda Agricola Villa Forni

Azienda Agricola Villa Forni

In continuity with a centuries-old family tradition, in 2020 the Villa Forni Agricultural Company expanded its vinegar factory, renovating the ancient rooms of the cellar, no longer active since the last century, and thus creating a place where you can relive the history of Modena and of its most precious jewel, in the context of a farm that still presents today all the typical structures of the agricultural centers that have characterized the economy of the Modena area over the past centuries.
The renewed vinegar cellar has 72 batteries of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extravecchio placed in a single large environment while around it various rooms are ideal for tastings, thematic visits and courses.
You can find our Balsamic Vinegar at the company shop, together with the many products that our land gives us every day.

Str. Cognento 127/1, 41126 Modena (MO)
+39 340 1269490
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Orario di apertura:

da lunedì al sabato

mattino: dalle 8:00 alle 12:30

pomeriggio: dalle 16:00 alle 18:30

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