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Perfumes, aromas and sensations accompany us in the care and production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. All the barrels of different woods are followed and maintained in the optimal condition in compliance with a product so genuine, noble and prestigious that it is entrusted to us by the long local tradition. Our maternal grandparents began in the early 1900s with some oak and cherry barrels using the must obtained from grapes grown by themselves. Burana Sas continues the production in the tradition within the renewed vinegar factory located in San Martino di Mugnano (Modena) using and perfecting what has been learned from the family experience and cultivates Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes in the sub-hilly area of ​​Modena, where particular pedoclimatic conditions guarantee the quality and healthiness of the grapes. In addition to the experience gained with the help of passion and living with Balsamic Vinegar, we can offer complete certified product traceability and quality control within our own company that allows us to follow and intervene correctly in the various delicate phases such as fermentation, maturation and aging in the various barrels of different woods.

Via Bellaria 356/A, 41126 San Martino di Mugnano (MO)
059 460546
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