Acetaie Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo Eredi – Acetaia La Tradizione Soc.Coop.

Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo Eredi – Acetaia La Tradizione Soc.Coop.

The Acetaia Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo is now housed in the attic of the villa owned by the family in the village of San Venanzio di Maranello, immersed in a rural landscape resulting from the hard work of the Modenese farmers. The location of the Acetaia Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo, on the first slopes of the Modenese Apennines, a short distance from the center of Maranello, home to the prestigious Ferrari Factory and its unique Museum, is easily accessible from the main communication arteries towards Maranello and then Serramazzoni. along the ancient panoramic ducal road that led to Garfagnana.

In an ancient ducal palace on the Modena hills, near Maranello, is the Acetaia Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo Eredi, formed by the union of part of the Acetaia dei Ferrari Amorotti of Maranello and part of the Acetaia degli Aggazzotti del Colombaro which, at National Exhibition of 1861 in Florence, they won a gold medal for a 150-year-old Balsamic vinegar. The Acetaia can boast centuries-old barrels that belonged to Francesco Aggazzotti, who was the first to describe the Balsamic production process in a handwritten letter of 1862, as well as two winning batteries in 2000 and 2007 of the Palio di San Giovanni, the greatest competition for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. Made up of over 150 vats of all sizes, the Acetaia is characterized by the length of its batteries, almost all made up of series of 9-10 barrels to allow the Balsamic to rest and refine more time.

The Acetaia Ferrari Amorotti Vincenzo Eredi is part of the LA TRADIZIONE Cooperative, a group of many small "artisans" of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO who have their vinegar factories above and below the Via Emilia in the province of Modena.

Via Abetone Superiore 149, 41053 San Venanzio MO
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