Acetaie Società Agricola La Rugiada S.S.

Società Agricola La Rugiada S.S.

The "La Rugiada" vinegar factory, a small family-run business, is the fruit of the inheritance of a passion cultivated by Dr. Carlo Alberto Pelliciardi.
A product with a harmonious flavor that expresses all the nuances of the aromas of the ancient woods of chestnut, cherry, mulberry, oak barrels, but above all that dry note that only juniper can give. The "La Rugiada" vinegar factory is also equipped with mother barrels of oak wood barriques, which constitute the preliminary "laboratory" of the vinegar cellar; in them, year after year, the fermented cooked must is introduced, which in this first stage undergoes a first process of transformation and aging, accompanied by the color of the must, the scent of fermented vinegar that pervades all the environments where the several batteries of vinegar, making this vinegar delicious and precious of its kind.

Via Copernico n. 57 - 41015 Nonantola (MO)
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